The Senior Saints group is an integral part of the life of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church. All persons who are 55 years and older are welcome to be a part of this group. It was formed with four main purposes in mind.

  1. To enrich the spiritual life of Seniors.
  2. To gather Seniors together for socialization and mutual support.
  3. To provide educational updates on issues that impact the life of Seniors.
  4. To include Seniors in the Church’s outreach programs.

The group meets every third Tuesday of the month and congregants as well as Seniors who are not members of the Church are welcome to attend meetings.  The leaders strive to offer a variety of programs covering each month of the year (except the summer).  Some meetings are devoted to Bible Study and spiritual reflection, while other months there are either game days or guest speakers are invited to make presentations on topics of interest. Recent presentations by guest speakers included — Senior Scams presented by an Assistant State Attorney and another on fall precaution presented by a retired nurse. Other recent activities include outings for lunch and stage plays. Of importance is the positive relationship that has developed between the Senior Saints and the pre-school; a relationship that provides mutual delight and joy. The pre-school children enjoy practicing songs to sing to the Seniors at their meetings and the Seniors are delighted! The Seniors also enjoy having a member be Santa Claus at Christmas.

The leaders of the Senior Saints group are Ethel Rapp, Weston McBean, and Lindon Alexander.